Holidays for Real Men

Eight-page brochures, digital printing, A4

Set of Five Holiday Brochures: Capitalists’ Holiday Brochure; Christians’
Holiday Brochure; Patriots’ Holiday Brochure; Real Men’s Holiday Brochure;
Tough On Crime Holiday Brochure.
Graphic design by Peggy Issenman
Available individually or as a set

This set of five 8-page A4 mock holiday brochures garishly look like those you would find in a travel agent’s. They detail escorted tours for capitalists, real men, Christians, patriots and the tough on crime, commenting on political and social issues in a humorous way. They detail ’travel adventures’, such as those advertised by companies from Explorer to Saga, but these mock that type of tourism, juxtaposing it with the sometimes tough issues raised.